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Han ganado campeonatos consecutivos en los eventos de High Times Cannabis Cup en 2016

En primer lugar, un miembro del equipo GAGE y probador , Massachusetts Cannabis , entraron a su sabor a uva de vino Stomper OG en la categoría más dura del sur de California, la Copa Indica, sólo para salir en la parte superior!

Un par de meses más tarde, los brotes y las rosas entraron en su CDB – dominante selección Stash del obtentor que llamaron OMRITAxHASHPLANTxGRAPESTOMPER en la categoría de 420 CDB Cannabis Cup del Colorado y afirmaron que el precio más alto.



EE.UU. Cannabis Cup 2016 – 1er lugar CDB CUP

de abril de el año 2016


Crecido en BUDS AND ROSES colectiva



El Sur de California 2016 – 1er lugar Indica Cup

de febrero de el año 2016



Free the Mind Body & Soul – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

In the GAGE GREEN GROUP feature issue of Probiotics & Cannabis Magazine, we share our deepest thoughts and feelings about cannabis and the healing journey. The paper was finished in July 2015 and published in the fourth issue of Probiotics & Cannabis – August 2015.

Free the Mind Body & Soul by Gage Green Group

We observe that the modern human being is currently living below potential. Blindfolds and filters prevent people from seeing all the blessings and life that exist around us. Physical and mental ailments stop us from experiencing heaven on earth. Most of the population is too caught up in capitalism and academia to notice the need for self-healing and mindfulness. Read More

The Breath of Life – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

The Breath of Life describes the mechanisms and the awarenesses necessary for increased capacity for breath. Embracing our breath is crucial for living a healthy life. This article was written on April 2015 and published in the second issue of Probiotics & Cannabis – May 2015.

The Breath of Life by Gage Green Group

                What is breath and why contemplate the breath? In meditation and natural healing, the breath is a central focus, how do we utilize it? Understand the essence of breath to discover a more comprehensive visualization of the subtle body, or inner universe. By incorporating cannabis into the context of breathing, we discover more practical ways to deepening our meditation. Read More